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Mental health is something everyone strives for. It's not merely the absence of illness, but rather the desire to feel in control of your life. We spend countless days and nights in the private world inside our mind trying to figure things out. This site is a safe space where you can discover ways to improve your own mental health, understand the challenges you see in others, or ask a question without fear of judgement. 
Head Space offers education regarding mental health assessment, diagnosis and treatment; consultation regarding mental health concerns; an Ask Me a question page; and training opportunities in Mental Health First Aid certification.



You can't control or anticipate every obstacle that might bock your path. You can only control your response and your ability to navigate the unpredictable.  

--Tim Grover


Charlene Mahon

M.A. Clinical Psychology OAMHP


I am professor of Psychology and have worked in the field of mental health for over 25 years, particularly in the field of crisis and suicide intervention. I obtained my Masters Degree from York University and subsequently have worked in psychiatric hospitals, community mental health agencies, and private practice. I have taught on both sides of the border at the college and university level. My passion is working with youth and adults empowering them to become their greatest selves.  I count it as a privilege to have been with people at the most challenging times of their lives and to have given them hope.




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