Monday Musings…Dialogue with the Door continued…What Do You Value?

Words are all around us. They are the muse of billboards, the art of etchings in tree bark or paint strokes on overpasses; they are intricately connected to the tone we classically associate with on our cell phones. Words, in essence, are magnetic – we are either attracted to or repelled by their sight and sound. They convey more than the curvature of the letters that form their outline or the semantics we hear. Words reveal the inner workings of one’s head space. And so I had the privilege of reading many words, over several weeks, on my office door. What began as a curiosity on my part, quickly became a personal fascination. I waited wondering if anyone would respond to my weekly questions

Monday Musings… I …was the last person to talk to her….

I remember several years ago working with a client who had an incredible turnaround in his mental health. He was so thrilled with his joie to vivre that he called my agency and told them I was the “miracle worker”! Well I know that wasn’t true, but it sure felt good in the moment. We tend to hang on to those memories and savour the good feeling of a job well done and, for me, a life changed. But what tends to linger and resurface in my memory are those times when the outcome wasn’t good, when I disappointed myself, or more often, when I disappointed and failed others. Recently, I was asked a question about the happiest moments in my career. That was easy and I could think of countless moment

Guest Blog: Self-Talk It’s All About You

Do you ever stop and listen to that little voice inside your head? Do you ever take a moment to listen to your thoughts, and what feelings those are triggering? I know for the longest time I didn't, and when I look back now, I wish I had. That very voice inside of your head is the one that can trigger the feelings you feel, followed by the behaviours you act upon. A particular time in my life that I can remember being unaware of this was during school - looking back, I remember the constant message going through my head that said, "I am so stupid". This followed me when I wrote tests, or any given moment when I had to explain myself. During those moments, that constant thought caused me

Monday Musings…What AM I Doing Here?

The World Health Organization (WHO) tells us that mental health is created within the setting we find ourselves. So where are you right now as you read this? Think of the physical space you are in. Look around. What are you surrounded by…the sights, the sounds, the smells… Who are you surrounded by? Or are you alone? Wherever you are physically, it is affecting you mentally. Think about it for a moment– you know this to be true. This year I found myself in a variety of settings: rural, urban, with those of lower socioeconomic status and those privileged to be in the upper class, and I know for a fact that each one impacted my mental health in a pretty significant way. As a self-professed jun

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