Monday Musings - Dialogue with the Door: Safe to Shore

What makes a great teacher? I had a lot of fun with the door this particular week. I really wanted to give students a voice to say what would help carry them through the semester. Overwhelmingly the answer was about food!! I think that is a fantastic answer. Maslow would also agree – if your belly isn’t full, it’s hard to learn. We have a breakfast program for the early years, but sometimes I think that we could use one at the college level too! But there’s something more the students were saying when they talked about food being a great way to improve the classroom environment. It’s really about thoughtfulness and deepening that connection that’s conducive to learning. It’s a non-verbal way

Monday Musings....Dialogue with the Door - The Elixir that Energizes Us

Valentine’s Day, 2013. It was 3:30 p.m. and they we were - 20 or so Fire students and myself rockin’ out with Vic, our lone business student in the class. Vic’s voice filled the room with energy and emotion as he played his original songs and took requests for covers and before we knew it, we were all joining in. It was awesome! I’ll never forget it. Our class was in a three hour block and most of the guys had Fridays off so they could have skipped and gone home or been out with their girlfriends. But there they were, jammin’ and learning about what keeps us moving along in life. The course was Organizational Behaviour – the topic Motivation – and Vic gave us exactly what we needed. Next t

Monday Musings…Dialogue with the Door: How Do You Recharge Your Battery?

“I NEED a Vacation!” Reading Week. Christmas Break. Summer Holidays. These are the times set aside on our calendars to enjoy some R & R before getting back to the responsibilities of the adult world. It sounds like an amazing prescription for health and wellness, but the problem is, it’s really hard to unplug, unwind, and not think about what circumstances or expectations are looming. Let’s think about unplugging. In our technology-driven world, we are connected 24/7. People are instantly accessible. Responses must be instant, or at the very least within 24 hours, and so the pressure to be constantly available is paramount in today’s culture – even while on vacation. But the other problem

Monday Musings…Dialogue with the Door: Dinner for Two

Valentine’s Day was approaching, so I asked my clandestine companions to post only the first name of someone they loved and then to tell me why. There is something intriguing about not knowing the author, and better yet, who the intended person is that they are writing to! Here are the responses: There are a lot of reasons why someone is attracted to another person and eventually works up the courage to use the “L” word. As much as we want to play down physical appearance, thinking it is a shallow motive, it does play a part in drawing our attention. In fact, it is the initial step in the process of attraction. We are visual people; that sense is keenly developed from a very young age, as in

Monday Musings….Dialogue with the Door Part 3….Don’t Worry Be Happy?

Ah... to be 15 years old again! It sounds like the perfect age. Not too many responsibilities. Still time to figure things out before leaving high school. It should be one of the happiest times in a person’s life….only it’s often the exact opposite. In fact, there is a lot of research to show that this is the age when many youth, instead of dreaming of a future filled with promise and possibility, think about the reality of disappointment, uncertainty, failure and rejection. It was the age that I feared the most when I worked in crisis and suicide intervention. You see, at 15, the world seems so big and yet most of the time you spend it in your head space wondering who you are. You desperate

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