Monday Musings: Remember Mom, the universe is out to get us Mahon’s!

The universe is out to get me! This is not a foreign thought. In fact, I often feel this way and I’m sure you do too. It’s those times when you feel like you can finally breathe… and then, of course, something else goes wrong. But not just one thing, it’s like the dam breaks and the water rushes in. It could start with something minor, but soon the minors add up and it feels like you are in the major league of panic and negative emotions. And then you whisper, or sometimes scream in your head: “Why me!” And so my son brilliantly offers the reason: “It’s because we are Mahon’s!” Well, this week I was at a conference. I absorbed a ton of information and stored it in my headspace. The topics al

Monday Musings: Dialogue with the Door - I'm on My Way!

The phone rang. It was 10:20 p.m. and I still had 3 and a half hours to go on my shift. “Hey Lady! I’ve got a knife to my throat! What are you going to do about it?” I calmly asked the caller his name but he refused, so I called him “Bob”. “I’m not Bob! I’m _____!” “Alright ____, what’s been going on that makes you want to slit your throat?” I spoke his name. I spoke his language. And so began one of the most incredible interactions I’ve had as a crisis intervention worker. When you are feeling down or when things are feeling hopeless, what is it that you need? Everyone is different and so only you know the answer. And it’s only when you voice your need that your friends, family, co-workers

Monday Musings….Dialogue with the Door – All Hail The Caped Crusaders

I think every single one of us has wanted to fly like a bird. The beauty of being a child is that imagination is at its peak. Most of us can remember standing on the back of the couch and jumping, spread eagle, and pretending we were flying even if it was just for a second. Since a great bulk of my childhood was spent outside, in every season, I have vivid memories of wanting to fly. And especially of wanting to be a superhero! This was my question of the week back in March of this year. Which superhero would you choose to be, if you could be one in real life?! Superman is an obvious choice for many– can you imagine having his strength, intelligence, extraordinary vision, self-healing proper

Monday Musings…Dialogue with the Door – Liberation through Netflix

Have you ever felt like you wanted to escape? Maybe it feels like you never get a break. Or the expectations that life has put on you are mounting and it just seems impossible. Or maybe you wake up every morning with a feeling of dread, thinking “how am I going to get through this day?” let alone the week or the month. It feels like nothing is going to change, there is not enough time, not enough breathing room, and so the thought of escaping is pretty tempting. The reality for so many is that you just can’t leave school, work, or your family, and board a plane to your long-dreamed-about vacation destination. And that thought alone makes you feel even more trapped. But many people I know hav

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