Monday Musings..."The Sky is Falling!!"

One of the wonderful things about having grandchildren is getting the opportunity to recreate your own childhood. You get to play, dream, imagine, and of course read those timeless tales that still grace our bookshelves. Humpty Dumpty, Henny Penny, Goldilocks and the Three Bears… Childhood is so vitally important for it lays the foundation for how we will emerge as adults. And although many people have issues with Freud, we have to give him credit for two things: firstly, for placing emphasis on the influence of those formative years in our head space, and secondly, for his theory that informs us that we all inherently experience anxiety from the beginning of life. In fact, it is part of our

Monday Musings….Bravery Beneath the Helmet

I was running errands on a warm October day recently when I unexpectedly found myself standing behind a super hero. His feet firmly planted on the ground encased in one work boot and one Nike running shoe. Beige pants weather worn, the loop holes around his waist linked with duct tape and secured at his waist. A triple layer covered his torso, including a shirt, hoodie, and construction vest embroidered with reflective tape. The bristles on his face caught the sunlight and accentuated the age lines that wrapped around the curve of his face like the rings of a mighty oak tree. Atop his head, rested a snowmobile helmet, covered with additional reflective tape creating a pattern of sequence and

Monday Musings...True Release

Heartbreak: the moment when your chest cavity is so heavy with emotion that it literally rips away and floods your entire being. Like a cascading waterfall, the emotion pools at the base of a lake only to be tossed downstream over jagged rocks through increasing velocity and turbulence. Such is the pain that so many carry, unbeknown to the multitudes who travel with them every single day. She sits strategically at the back of the room… at the very back of the room. Hidden and yet visible. Surrounded by others ...and yet all alone. The weight of pain and loss. Innocence vanished. Fear wrapping itself tightly around her mind, her chest, her legs, instilling paralysis. And then, emotion cannot

Monday Musings…. “It’s not what you do with your life that matters….it’s why”

The theatre lights dimmed and everyone settled back comfortably in their seats. The intro video scrolled across the screen and transported us visually down the highway to Robb Nash’s near fatal car accident. Choices Colliding. Death Declared. The breath that signifies Life is but a relentless sequence of inhaling momentary decisions and exhaling lasting consequences. Everything, yes everything, can change in a moment… whether you are sitting in the back seat of a speeding car or in the front seat of an ornate theatre. As willing participants in this memorable evening, we quickly got lost in the humour and relatability of Nash as he opened up about his life and the lessons he learned since th

Monday Musings...When You Care Too Much

The sun was setting and the cloud cover was looming; there was a heaviness in the air as the saturated clouds were attempting to hold back the rain. I turned and there she was - my good friend. Whenever you are around this person, she just makes you feel good. She is one of the most positive, energetic, most thoughtful people that I know. She is the one who spontaneously sends cards of encouragement or flowers to pick you up. Everyone wants a friend like that. But that’s the problem…everyone wants her because you know she can be counted on…for anything. Everyone’s needs come before hers and she’s left with little mental and physical energy for herself. And so when I turned around to greet h

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