Monday Musings: Who Knew I was Good at Physics?

It’s football season! The power in that pigskin is fueled by force and speed. It is one of the best matches of mental and physical prowess of any sport. Because I personally enjoy observing that kind of strength battle in humans, football movies are among some of my favourites. Seeing those who thought they couldn’t pull off the victory rise to the challenge, and intensely fight for that glory, energizes me. In "Any Given Sunday", Al Pacino uses everything in his coaching arsenal to push his players, as he says, out of hell and into the light. In his famous locker room speech, with 3 minutes to go on the clock, he inspires his team: “In either game, life or football, the margin for error is

Monday Midnight Musings…You are Not Alone or Are You?

There she sat with her back against a concrete wall as a sea of moving bodies wandered aimlessly down the main hallway, their eyes glued to devices cradled in the palms of their cold and pale hands. Her gaze was fixed straight ahead, with no particular focus. It was merely a passive position; she was physically present but absent from the awareness of everyone, yes every one around her. Someone had asked her about her worries once, but they weren’t interested, not really. The questions were clinical, the reframing was textbook. “You are not alone.” Well, to her, it sure felt like it. What does that really mean – to not be alone? No one really got her; no one understood the pain. And that fel

Monday Musings: Renegades Put the Spin on Mental Health

A chance to learn. An opportunity to share. I’m heading to the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health this week. While it is a wonderful privilege to participate in this event, I am merely the representative for the students who are the driving force behind true innovation, particularly in the field of mental health. When you ask students to tell you what they need or what they wish they had heard in high school, they have the answers. And it is these students, who have worked with me over the past few years, who dreamed, designed, and delivered a pretty incredible educational model to promote mental health among their peers. When I started out as a university student many years ago,

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