Monday Musings… a few days late…I Was Out Shopping!

It’s the week after Christmas and the flyers and online ads are tempting us all with Boxing Week Specials!! We’ve extended the 50% off (or more) buying extravaganza beyond the traditional one day post-Christmas Canadian and British holiday to a week-long affair. It’s interesting that the original intention of Boxing Day involved boxing up presents and giving them to the poor or to the service providers who worked on Christmas Day so others could enjoy the holiday. In our modern culture, however, it’s evolved into a common practice of giving ourselves gifts, all under the illusion that “it’s a good deal”. Now, unless you think I am passing judgement on those who love to shop, I humbly admit t

Monday Musings…I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Exams are over! Finally…students can take a break and relax. For many, they look back on a stress-filled semester and wonder how on earth they got through. College and university can feel like a trial by fire – multiple assignments due at the same time; group projects with people who suck; three exams on the same day; a slacker roommate who is on the exact opposite sleep schedule, and the list goes on. But it’s over! 3 weeks to just chill…or is it? On the bus, train, or car ride home there is often a common dread lingering in the head space of every student: “so, how are you doing in school?” It’s the question almost every parent asks within 5 minutes of greeting their child. Parents consid

Monday Musings….She’s the One who has Never Painted her Nails!

Well it’s been a few weeks since I have been able to muse! Life simply got ahead of me. Like many of you, there honestly wasn’t enough hours in the day. Time – that precious commodity – seems to pass way too quickly! One of the responsibilities I had recently was speaking at a regional event. The topic was stress. During an activity, I had each of them spontaneously call out one of their stressors. It didn’t take long before we saw a pattern emerge: everyone was affected by trying to please other people and in the process sacrificing their own time to regroup. As one person said brilliantly, they felt "pulled in all directions". We all know we need to prioritize, which sounds easy enough i

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