Monday Musings….When You Know Someone Really Likes Their Job!

Have you ever been in a business or a restaurant and you thought, “Man, that person really loves what they do”? It’s refreshing isn’t it? Especially in this world that seems so filled with negativity and complaining. Well, let me introduce you to Tim! Tim works for a large building supply company across the border. When my husband and I first approached him to purchase some paint, he energetically whirled around to greet us. With eyes as wide as saucers and a smile akin to Jack Nicholson, he enthusiastically asked us if he could help us choose the right paint. My first impression of him focused on his height. I thought he must be standing on a platform as he eagerly leaned over the counter a

Monday Musings….10 Dimes is All You Have

This week I had the privilege of going to Toronto for a meeting. I say privilege, because it is always an adventure to take the train and walk around Toronto - you never know what you will see or who you will meet. It cost me very little to take the train, but I came back much richer from the experience. The trip started off before sunrise. Most people were enjoying their coffee and conversation with the passengers in the seats next to them, including the interesting group of men ahead of me. Within a short period of time, I noticed a few of them making several trips to the washroom, only to return to their seats sporting a familiar odor. As the train chugged down the tracks, the movement mi

Monday Musings….Driving through the Valley of the Great Unknown

Well today is Blue Monday. Whether it is a myth is not really the issue. The fact is that many people in January struggle with their mood. We can blame it on the weather or the fact that it’s the first day of the work week (traditionally). Perhaps we are struggling with failure to follow through on New Year’s resolutions that have left us guilt ridden once again, or that we are weighed down by the debt load from overspending during the holidays. Regardless of the reason, many people are ‘blue’. But is this truly depression? I think we have to be careful how we use the word. There is a difference between feeling down or disappointed versus clinical depression. Most of the statements above are

Monday Musings...I Want to Know Your Name

After three weeks of sleeping in, eating home cooked meals, reconnecting with friends, students (and their teachers) have to get back in gear as the new semester starts up again. If it wasn’t so cold, we’d all jump out of bed with excitement Monday morning, right? Well, apparently that excitement is more often mixed with dread. I never quite looked at it that way before. We all tend to look through life through our own lens of experience and how we are wired. I used to think that everyone was just as pumped as me about starting up again. I look forward to change, I run towards the unknown with great energy and excitement, but after spending the last month reading over 2000 comments by grade

Monday Musings… “Happy” New Year?

Well, we have all exchanged the traditional expression of glad tidings for 2017, but wouldn’t you agree that it is a pretty empty expression? I know I sound very cynical and I am not meaning to set off this New Year on a depressing note by offending those who look at the dawn of a new year as a chance to change a habit, relationship, or even an attitude. But let’s be realistic. Very few of us are living problem-free lives and the thought of having a year (or even a few months) full of happiness is likely not going to happen. In fact, we are destined to set ourselves up for disappointment, discouragement and potentially despair if we focus on this cheerful sentiment to pull us through the ye

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