Monday Musings…..Eleven is the Loneliest Number

Today is a very dark day for some people in Canada. According to the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, every day 11 individuals in our nation will end their life by suicide. As you read these words, you are likely weighed down by this reality and the realization of how many people you know who are a part of this sobering statistic. Whenever I ask a class if they’ve known someone who has taken their life, the majority raise their hands. But those hands fall back on the desks when I ask if they had any idea of the magnitude of the pain the person was feeling. Suicide is often a silent solution to end that private pain. So there are two questions on everyone’s minds: why is this happ

Monday Musings….The “Happy Place” for Introverts

The weather has been incredible lately – very atypical for mid-February in south-Western Ontario! There’s something about how warm, sunny days make you feel when you are expecting it to be dark, dreary and cold. This kind of weather just seems to lift your mood and lighten the burdens you carry. I was at a conference a while back where the speaker invited all of the participants to close their eyes and think of their ‘happy place’. Now before I can continue, I have to be honest that I’ve never found much benefit personally from visualization. If it works for you when you are overwhelmed – fantastic – but for me, I find it very distracting, so I was less than enthusiastic to participate in th

Monday Musings…How to Eat an Elephant

The sweat is pouring down your face. Your heart is beating out of your chest. Your thoughts are racing a mile a minute. Panic is setting in. There’s way too much on your plate. You doubt whether you are actually up for these mounting challenges. Not able to catch a breath before the next demand is made. Increasing pressure! Expectations coming from every angle. The water in the pot of emotion has gone from a slow simmer to a not-so gentle boil. Sitting all alone in your own head, you want to scream but….silence is your only friend. I heard these statements this week on two separate occasions from two very different people – a young college student and a middle aged law enforcer. Both were sp

Monday Musings…When the Pain of our Labour Multiplies

Life is hard. Whether we like it or not, we often face hardship and trials of many kinds. We spend significant time trying to figure out why, and even more time lamenting over the relentless challenges upon or ahead of us. In the age of entitlement and perpetual pursuit of pleasure, we fail to remember that labour is a natural and necessary part of life. Our minds must process and our hands must produce something of value that will allow us to be fed, clothed, and protected from the elements. This doesn’t come easily for most of us. Nor is there always excitement or pleasure in what we must do. Even Tim, from my previous post, has ‘bad days’ as he told me about his wife complaining he wasn’t

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