Monday Musings…Where Can I Find a Competent Driving Instructor?

I remember back in the mid-1980s when I bought my first brand new car. I had scrimped and saved money for years from my part time job as a Customs Officer and the funds given to me as payment from research grants. It felt so good to be able to ‘adult’ and graduate from public transit to my own set of wheels. I had a certain amount of money to spend so my options were limited – which translated into settling for the standard transmission model. The only problem was I had never driven one before. The man who would become my husband, test drove it first. This was hilarious, since he also had never driven a standard, and to see him stall it repeatedly in major intersections in north Toronto was

Monday Musings…."I Can Handle Things on My Own"

Seeking help for a mental health problem is like learning to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission. You know you need a mode of transportation to get you from point A to point B, but you’ve never driven a standard before. You look around the lot hoping to find an automatic, something easy to drive, but all that seems left are the cars with the stick shift. And so you hesitate…you think the problem will go away on its own...or maybe it’s not a big enough issue….maybe you think you are overreacting. You then say to yourself, along with a large segment of the high school students in my research project, “I can handle it on my own”. And sometimes you can. But what happens when you slowly s

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