Monday Musings….How to Pass the Toughest Test of Your Life

Last week, I left you on top of that mountain. It felt incredible to have fought through the tough terrain with my aging frame and breathless lungs. What surely seemed impossible physically was overcome mentally. There lies the proof that perseverance in the face of adversity yields incredible power. But the hardest test lay ahead of me, or rather below me, as I had to climb down that mountain in one piece. Most of us have heard, and perhaps even experienced, that going downhill is so much easier and incredibly faster. Certainly that is the case in many sports. The decline may be steep but it is usually smooth, with a possible mogul here and there, but it’s not with every glide of the ski, o

Monday Musings...The Climb

Well, you might be thinking that I am a Miley Cyrus fan from the title of this blog post. She and many other artists have sung about life’s challenges and the power to overcome them. We’ve even heard people say with confidence that with enough strength, they can move mountains. This all sounds wonderfully optimistic, but I’d like to know if any of these people have ever actually climbed a mountain, let alone tried to move one? I think that in order to claim this clout, they should try the climb, literally. For the novice nature lover, mountain climbing sounds romantic. You envision donning your favourite sneakers, sporting a knapsack, sunscreen, sun glasses, and yes, remembering to bring a w

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