Monday Musings…There are no chance encounters in life

Most of us are creatures of habit. We leave the house to go to work or school at the same time, take the same route, make the predictable stop for coffee and so on. It keeps us in our comfort zone and helps us to control our environment with as few surprises as possible…unless you live in Toronto. There you get to enjoy traffic delays, scarce parking opportunities, and super long line ups for almost every convenience. And, if you are a person who has a seat preference for example, you are likely going to have to give that up, especially on a subway car. When you’re in Toronto, you have to expect the unexpected. And that’s exactly why I like to visit that city! Unlike the masses, I am one o

Monday Musings….13 Paragraphs on 13 Reasons Why...

By now, the hype given the Netflix original series examining youth suicide has died down, no pun intended. That very fact speaks volumes regarding the incredible lack of understanding we have about mental health and how little time and energy is spent getting into the headspace of teenagers. Our culture ignites with passionate pleas when taboo topics such as suicide are brought to the forefront by the media, and then….how quickly we move on to another distraction… like did Prince Harry bring his actress girlfriend to Pippa’s wedding? Really? So while you may think that I am late to the discussion table, I actually think I am right on time. Suicide, particularly youth suicide, is a discussion

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