Monday Musings...It's Time to Tidy Up!

News Flash: The Apocalypse of Your Abode Is at Hand! It seems that everywhere in North America, households are on the brink of disaster. People are desperate to find a cure to restore their lives to a sense of peace they believe they once knew. A few years ago, Jo Frost, rose to prominence as the Super Nanny whose mission is to rescue parents and train them to manage their disobedient children. The latest craze involves the expertise of Marie Kondo, who specializes in showing individuals or couples how to bring order to disorganized piles of excess material possessions. Though they don’t wear capes or have extraordinary powers or specialized university degrees, they are our modern-day supe

Monday Musings...Land Ahoy!

Step forward if ever, at any point in your life, you have felt overwhelmed with too many responsibilities. Without fail, waves of people rush forward before I even finish the sentence. This apparent tsunami of stress crosses every demographic. It is the flood of our national psyche. It seems that all of us feel like we’re drowning at times, and we wonder how we are ever going to get through the next moment, let alone the next day. We desperately need that life buoy to keep us afloat and take us to shore. It’s been quite a while since I posted. Truthfully, many circumstances threatened to pull me into the undertow. It was the gravitational pull of demands and responsibilities, choices and ch

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