Monday Musings…Letting Go is as Easy as Riding a Bike

Ready…. Set…Go!! One of my granddaughter’s just received her first two-wheeled bicycle, with the training wheels attached of course. This was a monumental day! It marked a milestone in her life, and also in the lives of her parents. Interestingly enough, it was an Elsa and Anna bicycle, complete with tassels on the handle bars! I thought this was pretty clever marketing on the manufacturer’s part, as it subliminally serenaded her parents that it was time to start “letting go”. Barely able to reach the pedals, she was encouraged to push down and set those wheels in motion. It took no time for her to get the idea and before we knew it, she was off to the races! The delight on her face was infe

Monday Musings…. Mental Illness is a Contagious Disease

When I read this statement recently, my initial reaction was shock. It sounded like a rather archaic belief rooted in the asylum days. I mean doesn’t a statement like this promote fear, judgment, misunderstanding, and discrimination? Isn’t this also implying that simply by social contact, a person will be vulnerable to developing the same symptoms? We’ve certainly heard about this contagion effect with suicide. Then I read further. The author, sociologist David Karp, explained that mental illness not only affects the person who has the disorder, it “shapes the lives of those close to them.” He is so right. If you have a close friend, family member, co-worker, or classmate who is suffering, y

Monday Musings….The Wonder Years are Gone

Call it denial, but I just discovered last week that I’m old. I returned from the gym and flopped myself down on the couch commenting on how hard the class was. “I don’t know why I can’t do the bear walk, I mean I am pretty close to the ground as it is. Why is it so hard for my body to do that?” My husband, the kind man that he is, asked about the other people in the class, and if they found it as challenging as me. And then he asked an innocent question, that then revealed my reality…”So, who’s the oldest person in the class?” I paused for a moment, well more than a moment as it hit me. I was the oldest one! I’ve never been the oldest in any group I’ve belonged to. I’m the youngest in my fa

Monday Musings…. The Keys to Finishing Strong! Part Two

Rudy Francisco, an American spoken word poet says this in reference to complainers: “Remember, life is a gym membership with a really complicated cancellation policy. Remember that you will survive. Remember things could be worse. Remember we are never given anything we can’t handle. When the world crumbles around you, you have to look at the wreckage and then build a new one out of the pieces that are still there. Remember you are still here.” ( When you want to give up, quit, or run away from problems, you have to remember you are in the gym of life. You may be sweating profusely because of unrealistic goals; you may be looking in the mirror and

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