Monday Musings… Oh, To Be a Kid Again!

"Grandma! I'm back!" These are the words that greeted me recently as I opened the door to my home. With her hands on her hips and an impish smile on her face, my granddaughter wasted no time telling me what she wanted next: “Let’s race!” Looking down at her sparkly Paw Patrol Skye shoes, I knew she meant business. It was time to put the bags down and play. After all, she’d been waiting for what probably seemed like an eternity for me to get home. Being called Grandma is probably one of the best unearned titles ever. And it’s not because I didn’t have to go through the labour for these little ones. You see, so many say they enjoy this stage of life because “you can load them up with sugar and

Monday Musings…. Headstrong into the Headwind

Whether you call it stubbornness or persistence, both can lead to death. That’s the thought that was swirling around in my head space last week. This was the second year in a row that I cycled through Ontario on my way back from visiting friends and family with my husband. I decided to take a few new routes and also to push my limits. Why I seem to have a fascination with doing this on almost a daily basis, I don’t know. I did some great treks north and south west of Ottawa. Beautiful scenery. A few nice hills. The next day, I decided to do the Waterfront Trail from Mallorytown Landing to Picton, about a 125 km jaunt. And I was going to accomplish this in one day. It’ll be good training for

Monday Musings… Catch My Draft

“Don’t lose sight of that wheel!” shouted the captain of our cycling team as we headed directly into the wind. There were seven of us travelling in a pack through the county practicing for our upcoming 100 km race. I was secured neatly in the middle of the pack, or so I thought. But the wind was battering against us and I started to lose power in my short little legs. It didn’t take long for the gap to widen between me and the person directly ahead of me and the other team members to pass me. As that gap got bigger, I could feel the strength of that wind increase forcing my legs to pump harder and faster to try to catch up. There are no breaks when you go alone against the wind. It’s a much

Monday Musings…. Remember Where You Came From

Last week, I talked about waiting and how challenging that can be. Whether it’s waiting for a diagnosis, waiting to hear back from a job interview, or something as simple as waiting in the drive-thru for your Tim Horton’s coffee, there’s something in the fibre of your being that wants results now! It really becomes a head game to keep yourself grounded while you wait, as Rudyard Kipling suggested in his famous poem, “If”. But what happens when the results of the medical tests come back with bad news, or you get passed over for that job, or, and even though it’s minor, your coffee order is incorrect and you’ve just noticed that 2 km down the road? Whether it’s a minor inconvenience or a major

Monday Musings....If You Can Wait and Not Be Tired By Waiting

In 1895, British author Rudyard Kipling penned his famous poem "If". Instructional in nature, his words serve as both a compass and a time piece. Kipling postulates that life will take your mind in all kinds of directions. There will be changes and challenges, often revolving around the people in your life. Many situations will feel unfair or unjust. And it may feel like you're perpetually waiting for it all to make sense. Days and months and years may go by and the battle rages on. Life is all about waiting. You wait for your baby to be born – if you haven't had the experience, just ask a woman who's overdue, what it's like to wait. Once the child is born, you wait for them to walk and talk

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