Monday Musings… What’s Your Greatest Fear?

This past week I had my students anonymously write out their answer to the venerable question about their greatest fear. There was a plethora of answers from specific phobias, to losing a family member, to being unloved and alone forever. But, by far the most common theme was failure. Now, you might be thinking that that would be expected given that they are students, but I believe it goes beyond them simply thinking about their current situation with tests and assignments. My proof is that when I mixed up their responses and had each student pick one to read to the class, they took turns interpreting what they felt that person’s fear was really all about. In their assessment, the students t

Monday Musings…. A Sobering Thought

It never ceases to amaze me when I teach Mental Health First Aid, just how may people regularly drink beyond the low-risk drinking guidelines set out by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction. Most are unaware that such guidelines exist, but more than that, they are astounded to learn that their self-poured glass of wine or shot of liquor is more than the recommended amount. In summary, Canadians are drinking more than they realize and have very little conscience about it. What’s most concerning to me, is how this mindset is being cultivated in our young people. It has been, and likely always will be, a rite of passage for many 19-year-olds, in Ontario, to rejoice in their advanc

Monday Musings…Maybe Later…

I gave my class a list of weaknesses many of us struggle with. In every class, the same issue rose to the top – procrastination. You may be thinking, no big surprise for College students, but maybe it’s time we look at our own lives. How often have you put off today, what you convince yourself you’ll do tomorrow? The housework, the meal prep, that email you don’t want to respond to, that conversation you don’t want to have… It’s a common mental trick we use to convince ourselves that right now we have other ‘more important’ things to do – like watch Netflix, go on Facebook…. Bottom line, it comes down to your priorities. You know you have to work so you can eat, put a roof over your head, an

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