Monday Musings…. Good Times: Finding the Positive in the Midst of a Pandemic

Growing up in the 70s, the television networks were pumping out a lot of sitcoms that highlighted the social and political dynamics of the day to entertain us. There was All in the Family, featuring the notorious Archie Bunker of course, who attempted unsuccessfully to wield his authoritarian arm over his family, while his rebellious daughter, Gloria pushed all the conventional envelopes in regards to marriage, religion, and the need to work hard to support yourself. Today, we simply call this the boomerang generation. Then there was Three’s Company, which was scandalous in it’s day. It just wasn’t proper for two women and a man to live together in the same apartment. Today, this is the norm

Monday Musings…. Loneliness – One of the Laments of Living in a Locked Down World

As I look out my home office window, the driveways of my neighbours are full of vehicles. This includes the guy down the street, who’s taken to parking his F150 on his front lawn to make room for the extra cars taking up space beside his house. A few children are shooting hoops, but mostly it’s quiet. Eerily quiet. Everyone is hunkered down inside their homes. The obligatory 6 feet “social distancing” rule that’s now entered our lexicon, has turned into 60 feet, or no contact at all. On the plus side, there’s running water, electricity, and grocery stores and pharmacies that remain open and will even deliver. There are so many conveniences that you can still enjoy, even if you must resort to

Monday Musings…. Pandemic Pandemonium

It’s been an incredible two weeks around the world as we’ve watched entire countries quarantine their citizens and shut their borders. We’ve seen sparse store shelves and tempers flare over the shortage of goods, namely toilet paper. I’m sure that we’d all agree that a crisis brings out interesting behaviours in others. From my perspective, I see people falling into one of four categories. The first category is the panic stricken. These are the individuals who let their emotions override the logic of the situation. These folks confuse feelings as facts. And to confirm their feelings they will look for any ‘news’ that will validate their worst fears. Their emotional state is just as contagiou

Monday Musings…. I’ve Admitted My Failures, Now What?

Last week, I wrote about the inevitability of failure and shifting your focus to the Lifeline that will keep you from sinking. On a practical level now, how do you move forward? I think one of the hardest things about failure, and likely what generates a lot of fear, is the thought that you’ll never recover from it. The anchor that was tied to your ankles, may have been cut; the bondage of failure may have been broken by the One who can set you free, but now what? There is a lingering fear that you have no idea what to do now. How do you rebuild? Many people will say: “You can start a new chapter! Look at it as a fresh start! Just turn the page.” This sounds great on the surface, but I’ll te

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