Monday Musings… Doesn’t This Feel Like a Marathon?

Most of us have probably never ran a marathon. I just did the Google search for you, and discovered that it’s 42.2 km or 26 miles. In my head, that’s equivalent to me driving to school and back, twice a day! That’s a lot of clicks on the odometer and time spent in my car, just sitting. I don’t think any of us would randomly wake up one day and say, “You know what? Today I feel like running a marathon! I’m going to search for those running shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt, and I’m going to go the distance!” We may have great ambition, but we’re unlikely to get very far before we start lamenting: “My knees hurt!” “Now, it’s my hips!” “Man, I feel like I’m getting a blister on my baby toe.” “Geez,

Monday Musings… The More You Know, The Less You Fear

No question, we are living in uncertain times. As days have now turned into weeks, and with no end in sight, the coronavirus will not just be known for the number of lives it took, but for the number of people who have become anxious and even panic-stricken through this crisis. Jobs have been lost. Businesses may be closed permanently. Investments have tanked. Weddings are being cancelled. Babies are being born sans papa. Parents have been forced into homeschooling. (Homeschoolers look up what I just wrote in French.) Athletic teams, activity clubs, churches, and practically every social network has been either shut down or forced to meet in a virtual realm. We may accept this reality for a

Monday Musings… A New Kind of Superhero

Well, the Bat Signal has gone out! Each one of us is now trapped in a world of enforced social distancing and isolation. We are all vigilantes, watching the number of cars in our neighbours ‘driveways, or counting the heads of the teens on the other side of the street as we walk our tethered pet, ready to report those who are not obeying the new order of living. Welcome to the Health Crusade! The Caped Crusader, Batman, has always been one of my favourite comic book heroes. When I was a kid, I was in awe of his sweet car, awesome mansion, and the most incredible assortment of tools to solve any crisis. But as I got older, and albeit wiser, an astounding revelation hit me - Batman has no natu

Monday Musings…. Finding Your Purpose in the Midst of a Pandemic

How are you coping in the midst of self isolation and social distancing? I think that for some people, the first week or two felt like a bit of a holiday, especially as the edict came down during March Break. But then when their jobs became affected, and kids started to get bored or downright upset because they couldn’t see their friends, the mood started to shift. Add in the climbing contagion and death rates, and the uncertainty of when the restrictions would be lifted…. well people are starting to realize this is ‘not a walk in the park’… because you can’t even do that now! To understand the effects of isolation, particularly during a quarantine situation, I read a research review of hist

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