Monday Musings…Remind Me of What’s Important

It kind of feels like you’re a feather weight in a boxing ring with a heavy weight. I’m talking about frustration. You pound away with the left hook, and the right, but even the upper cut gives you no movement closer to reaching your goal. The goal could be big, like getting that job you need to pay your bills; or it could be small, like trying to organize a room with toddlers running around. It doesn’t seem to matter what you try; you just aren’t making any headway. You try to block the oncoming jabs at your psyche, but you stumble, and sometimes crash to the ground. Frustration is one of those emotions, or rather reactions, we wish we could control, but it’s so easy to slip back and let th

Monday Musings…Dandelion Whine

One of the sure signs of spring is the return of the blanket of yellow dandelions that like to lie out over your luxurious lawn. For some reason, these plants have never been accepted among the favoured flowers, but instead they find themselves in a perennial position among the weed pile. And so, without fail, the War on Weeds is upon us! We need a strategy to combat these vegetative vermin. How exactly can we cast out these pervasive plants? Well, a family in my neighbourhood came up with an excellent solution! Somehow, they convinced their currently homeschooled, pre-teen son that it was time for a little outdoor education! They armed him with a three-claw garden weeder, and a bucket. I do

Monday Musings…. 21st Century Mothers, Meet Your 19th Century Counterpart!

I can remember a number of years ago, someone taking me to task for being a ‘working mother’. My response was that all mothers work. As the calendar page turns to the month of May, a common query is: “so, what do I get my mother?” Droves phone flower shops, or scour stores for the finest chocolate, or schedule a spa-cation to acknowledge the ‘work’ Mother has done. But what’s so interesting about this year is that it was pretty difficult to procure that perfect gift. The day-away for pampering with a pedicure, manicure, and massage that you thought would exceed your siblings’ efforts, well, those niceties are considered non-essential. Things you wanted to order online were sold out; they cou

Monday Musings…. The Pursuit of Unhappiness

You can sense it as you stand 6 feet behind the person ahead of you, waiting to go into the grocery store. You can feel it as the queue to pay for your items goes 60 feet around the bend to the dairy aisle. You hear it, as customers murmur about the inconvenience of spending 60 more minutes of their day purchasing their treasure trove of supplies. You see it on the faces of the unforgiving patrons who glare at the single mother who had no choice but to bring her busy six-year-old to grab their essentials for the week. We’ve got a new mutation of the virus called the covid crankies! It’s not just aging men’s hair that's thinning, it’s people’s patience. And what’s grown in its place, is an

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