Monday Musings…. What a Wonder Full World It Is!

“Grandma! I found a worm!” exclaimed my granddaughter with delight as she dug with a trowel in the dirt in her back yard. “Look at it move!” Now, she had no idea of my recent distaste of the phylum, Annelida, and thought that I should share in her delightful discovery. And so, over I went to peer into the dirt at her eye level to marvel at this crawling creature. She was absolutely full of wonder. Wouldn’t it be great, if everyday we displayed this same excitement to search, to learn, to know more, to appreciate? Instead, as we age, there seems to be this slow fade, where things, especially simple things, just don’t seem to excite us anymore. Why is that? Maybe, we just take for granted what

Monday Musings…How Exactly Do You Let Go?

Well, last week I talked about how life doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to. Every day we’re faced with fork-in-the-road decisions. Most people have good intentions and they’re hopeful they make the right choice. They move forward in faith. But what do you do when you realize you took the wrong turn, especially with those big life decisions? Maybe your relationships haven’t worked out as you hoped; you’re stuck in a dead-end job; or you’re pursuing a program that you just don’t feel is right for you. Life’s giving you more questions than answers and yet you feel stuck, or maybe obligated to stay on this path, even though you know, and likely people around you have told you, that i

Monday Musings…. Hold On or Let Go?

Does anyone remember the "Choose Your Own Adventure' books? These were a staple in our home library and my children spent a great deal of their formative years reading them before bed. It was a great marketing ploy because parents only needed to purchase a few editions, as the books could be read over and over again, with a different outcome every time! But what also made them great, was that it introduced young minds to the concept of resilience. Life doesn't always turn out the way that you want it to. It's what you choose to do in that moment of disappointment, distress, or disaster, that will make all the difference in your life. Resilience is one of those buzz words that we’ve been h

Monday Musings…. The Hazards of Going Organic

Worms, glorious worms! These interesting invertebrates seem to pop up anywhere, and often when you least expect them! They’re good for the garden, they say. They aerate the soil, others profess. But they scare the bejeebers out of me when I find them on my plate! We’ve recently been enjoying a harvest of the cool weather vegetables: spinach, arugula, radishes, and onions. The snow peas will be ready fairly soon. It brings a grin to my face as I saunter out to the back yard, and gather just what I need for a fresh healthy lunch. My smile broadens as I contemplate the financial gain from not having to purchase produce at the grocery store, or using the gasoline in my car. I am content! And s

Monday Musings…. Balancing on the Wire of Well-being

Do you find yourself often worried about what others think of you? I think this is the plight of simply being human. It’s not just a grade school or high school thing. It seems to transcend time and creep into adulthood. The need for acceptance and approval can be crippling for some and can trigger all kinds of negative self talk. No doubt, our social media world compounds this, as people strive for likes and followers, and base their worth on these numbers. There is something very curious about the human condition that willingly positions well-being, precariously balancing on the high wire of approval. Do I look good in this outfit? How do you think the presentation went? Look at me finishi

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