Monday Musings… Coffee Culture

Every morning I would hear the kettle whistling. My mother would have her white coffee mug perfectly placed on the counter, and beside it, her beloved bottle of Nescafe instant coffee. She’d carefully ladle one teaspoon of the black granules into the cup, and then prudently pour exactly the right amount of water to within a quarter inch of the brim. Within seconds, (I guessed that’s why they called it instant), a rather pungent scent, would ascend into the air, and I would tell myself to never, ever, subject myself to consuming that strange brew. After all, it didn’t make any sense as a five-year-old to want to drink something that looked like tar and smelled like it too! I’d rather have my

Monday Musings… Scarred for Life

Life is going along tickety-boo, and then you see them in the grocery store. You’re introduced to someone new, and lo and behold, they have their name. You drive by a certain location and an avalanche of bad memories floods back into your consciousness. You're scrolling your social media feed and up pops a reminder that triggers old hurts. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been tackling the topic of forgiveness. I discussed how it doesn’t do any good to hold on to previous hurts. You realize that you can’t waste your life pining for a better past. Perhaps you've come to peace with the hurt, and have laid it to rest. Or so you thought. It’s amazing isn’t it, how you can think you’re ok, t

Monday Musings…I Almost Forgot About Martin!!

I have a confession to make. I've never completely read through a fiction novel in my life, until just recently. You may be wondering how I ever got through high school English classes – easy answer: Coles Notes. Apparently, I wasn't alone as students have been using this literary hack since 1948! It seems that the human race has been bent on finding slothful solutions to life's challenges for a very long time! It’s shameful to admit this personal fact because really, how hard is it to read a fiction novel? But for me, it really is! I can do many things that might appear significantly more challenging like climbing a mountain or cycling 100k, or even completing and defending my Masters' thes

Monday Musings…. Forgiving Those You’d Rather Not

In 2007, Barbara Mangi’s 25-year-old daughter, Dana, was murdered by her college friend, Patrick Ford in his apartment, just weeks before she was to start veterinary school. At his sentencing, in 2010, Mangi thanked Ford for his apology, and since 2014, has actually kept corresponding with him. This may appear to defy human logic, and may even go against what you would consider a ‘normal’ emotional response to such an atrocity, but somehow Barbara Mangi managed to forgive. A few weeks back, I talked about the difficult task of examining your choices and the ensuing consequences, and letting go of the pain, the guilt, and the shame through forgiveness. But what if the resentment of your curre

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