Monday Musings… Boundaries –Social Distancing of a Different Kind

I was quietly feeding my 3-month-old baby, while my toddler danced around my rocking chair to Sharon, Lois and Bram’s familiar Skinamarink A-Dinky Dink, Skinamarinky Do, when I turned around and saw a strange man standing in the middle of my living room! We had just moved from Toronto to this little hamlet of 100 people, so my first instinct screamed home invasion! It turned out, however, to simply be one of the locals, wanting to extend a warm welcome to me and my family. But honestly, at the time, this well-meaning introduction to country living was rather distressing and massively uncomfortable. In my books, a bonafide Skinamarinky-Don’t! I came to learn quickly that this was a common pra

Monday Musings… That's Somebody’s Son

The light turned red as I approached the intersection of an off-ramp and a busy 4 lane road. And there he stood. But only for a second. The shirtless stranger, snatched his sneaker with great gusto and started slamming it on the cement. Heaving it to the side, he hauled up one leg of his jogging pants, and began scratching vigorously, then shaking said limb, he began hopping on the other foot, fervently trying to eradicate whatever perceived pest was attacking his skin. It was clear this young man was having a psychotic episode. Drug induced? Or un-medicated schizophrenia? I could not tell. My immediate thought as I watched him was that he was somebody’s son. I began to reflect that 20 plus

Monday Musings…. Forget the Worry Train, I’m on the Anxiety Express!

All aboard! No one told you when you were a young child that your life journey would be fret with worry. In fact, parents avoid the topic all together because they’re worried how it might impact their children. How backwards is that? 😊 Well, no doubt in these last days of summer, parents are indeed worried about the future of their children, in terms of education. Whether it’s elementary, high school, or even post secondary, the decision to allow their children to attend school, in person, is on their minds. Who would have thought, in this lifetime, you’d have to question whether it was ‘safe’ to send your child to school? I don’t think any of us saw this one coming a year ago! And so, pare

Monday Musings… The Plight of the Working Mother

“Oh... You’re Charlene!” Now, normally when someone you’ve never met before, greets you for the first time, it’s with a pleasant and engaging tone. Not this time. She apparently had given me the quick once over, and with a look of revulsion, oozed out the above words. Not being entirely sure why I was so off-putting in her books, and not having a witty comeback, I simply replied that yes, I was she. “How can you possibly be a good mother to your five children and go to work!” was her next statement. Note I said statement, not question. I clearly did not measure up to her expectations of who she thought I should be. The first statement, I get. People often don't look like what we assume they

Monday Musings…. Shame on You

It seems that everyone has an opinion these days on how you should live your life. The most current tempestuous topic swirling among us is whether you should wear a mask or not. Politicians have debated it; health officials have weighed in; and businesses have established protocols. But the storm really rises within, when you’re leisurely going about your errands, and you get ‘the look’. Suddenly, your personal choices are very public, and you feel the shame of non-conformity to someone else’s standard. Shaming is not a new phenomenon after all, but it certainly has grown in popularity thanks to social media and, I would posit, people’s possible feelings of inadequacy in their own lives. The

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