Monday Musings... How to Take a 20-Minute Break Without Feeling Guilty

You can be your own worst enemy because of the things you tell yourself, to convince yourself that you can't take a break. The truth is you can't fire on all cylinders when your energy tank is on empty. Let’s start with a definition: a perfectionist is someone who sets extraordinarily high expectations for themselves. Can you relate? These are the kinds of people who need to read the post, but tell themselves they can’t afford the time 😊 There is a difference between 'trying to do your best' and being a perfectionist. A true perfectionist applies doing their best to everything they do. They see themselves as logical and rational, organized, and goal focused. They play this mantra over and o

Monday Musings… A Timeout Chair for Adults

A few weeks ago, I was hiking with some friends in a beautiful, hilly area full of lush green trees, that created this wonderful canopy over our heads, protecting us from the rain drops that had begun to fall from the sky. On this particular hike, as on most of our treks, we talked about a wide variety of topics including: “What are you making for supper tonight?” I think this is frequently on our minds because of the appetite we’re creating from the 25,000 steps and 80 +floors we generally climb. (No joke, these women love to hike!) So, on this specific Saturday, one of my friends disclosed, while discussing meal options, that she’d really been struggling lately, not giving in to her food

Monday Musings…. The Quirks of a Cowardly Canine

I have a dog. His name is Watson. I should clarify – he is my husband’s dog. I know most people love animals. There’s hardly a child that doesn’t try to wear their parents down with the lament that they really, really want a dog, or a cat, or a fish, or a gerbil. But I’ve never been a fan of pets. I think it stems from my childhood growing up with a cat that was the prized possession of the home and got more love and affection than I ever did. Or my indifference may come from my observation of people who excessively pamper their pets. They get their pet’s nails done, then put booties on their feet in the winter, or a red ribbon in their fur (or hair as I have been instructed about those hyp

Monday Musings… ‘Tis the Week Before School Starts

‘Tis the week before school starts, when all through the house You’re checking the desktop, the key board, and mouse. Making sure that there’s internet, high speed of course. To conquer the homework, you want no remorse. You’re glad they’ve announced a return to the class. But it’s not like Septembers you’ve had in the past. There’s oodles of options to please every kind From in class, in person, homeschool, and online. One thing to consider, how students learn best But given the climate, it’s anyone’s guess. With covid still looming, no doubt there is fear That school will be cancelled by the end of the year. Now, your children have risen from their cozy warm beds, Where visions of play gro

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