Monday Musings… Perfectly Imperfect

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, where you’re driving somewhere, maybe even a little behind schedule, but you hit every green light? I love those days. As you’re driving, you’re thinking to yourself: “Is this really happening? Wow! I can’t believe it! Sailed through every intersection!” And you just have this huge smile on your face, in amazement that such good fortune could come your way. You feel on top of the world, believing that it’s going to be a fantastic day from here on in! Well, I was ‘on top of the world’ on one of my most recent hikes. It was a great morning, crisp but not too cold; the leaves were starting to change; and I was with excellent company. Just being out

Monday Musings....Changing Your Sleep Patterns for Good!

The purpose of sleep is to refresh, restore, and recharge. But most people in North America rarely get enough sleep. It's like they're constantly running on low battery mode, trying to squeeze in every last drop of energy, when what they really need to do is stop working, plug into the charger, and wait until they're back up to 100%. According to · Humans are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep · Being awake for 22 hours straight can slow your reaction time more than 4 alcoholic drinks can · People who continually get too little sleep can’t concentrate well, have weaker immune systems, and consume around 300 more calories a day · Caffeine remains in your blood for up to

Monday Musings… When You’re the Thanksgiving Turkey

This year, no doubt, has been full of challenges and changes across the globe. So, it’s a good idea to stop and pause, on this Thanksgiving Monday, to think about what you are truly thankful for. You may be thinking about the fact that you have a roof over your head, food in your belly, and someone that you care about who also cares about you. I hope you do have those fundamental needs met. Well, certitude of that gratitude was made very clear to me this past week. My husband and I had been out and about and, on our agenda, was to pick up some groceries for a Thanksgiving meal. Normally, my husband stays in the car, especially due to Covid, and I go in with ‘the list’. In and out, 20 minute

Monday Musings…. A Great Cure for a Good Night’s Sleep

How many times have you said to yourself: If only I'd kept my mouth shut! You make a comment or you relay information, and then the wheels of regret start turning over and over in your mind. Why did I say that! It can haunt you for days, weeks, even years. Some people can brush these kinds of things off easily, but for many people it hangs on through the day and into the night. Well, I talked a few weeks back about my hiking buddies and the one lady who was struggling with her food cravings. The cravings chair was one of her solutions, to go and sit and think about whether she really wanted that snack. She then came out with this very profound statement: Be Mindful Not Mouthful. Now while sh

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