Monday Musings….When You Know Someone Really Likes Their Job!

Have you ever been in a business or a restaurant and you thought, “Man, that person really loves what they do”? It’s refreshing isn’t it? Especially in this world that seems so filled with negativity and complaining. Well, let me introduce you to Tim!

Tim works for a large building supply company across the border. When my husband and I first approached him to purchase some paint, he energetically whirled around to greet us. With eyes as wide as saucers and a smile akin to Jack Nicholson, he enthusiastically asked us if he could help us choose the right paint. My first impression of him focused on his height. I thought he must be standing on a platform as he eagerly leaned over the counter and peered down at both myself and my husband. But oh no! Tim wasn’t standing on any platform as was obvious when we met him down the paint aisle. At 6’8’’ he had no problem showing us all the different textures and finishes of the over 100 varieties of paint on the shelves. (Our southern neighbours are sure known for the voluminous varieties of practically every product, and paint was no different!) Tim took such delight in describing all of the various features of each one as we listened patiently to find the 1 gallon can needed for our project.

Tim didn’t just know his product, he lived his product! We heard all about his own renovation trials and how he wanted us to avoid the pitfalls he had faced. He talked about his family and the challenges of painting with young children, though he politely avoided mentioning the fact that we are well past the stage of raising our own little children. Tim loved everything about the prospect of home improvement and how a simple coat of paint could transform a house into a home!

Tim was a busy man we heard, with his wife on the road during the week. So between his home renos, getting his kids off to school, and then giving it his all at his favourite job, he had a very fulfilling life. His excitement just filled the air and affected everyone around him, including the little girl who was cowering at the counter with her grandfather.

Tim was a gracious man, as he got down to the level of the 7 year old and asked if she would like to put the code in the computer to tint the paint they were purchasing. The girl was more than a little intimidated by this gentle giant whose voice and mannerisms were also larger than life. With her grandfather’s encouragement, she went behind the counter towards the computer. Tim tenderly guided her to enter the right code and then told her to push a blue button. She stopped and looked up at him slightly confused.

Tim was an honest man. He got down once again to the girl’s level and told her that when he was hired for the job they forgot to ask him an important question. Tim announced to all of us within listening range that he was colour blind! I nearly lost it, I was laughing so hard on the inside!! I’m pretty sure that being able to see primary colours is an essential workplace requirement for a paint department, but apparently not. That did not stop Tim as he directed the girl to push the start button – which was obviously green!

So, how you know someone loves their job is through their welcoming attitude, absolute delight in sharing their knowledge, relatability on a personal level and willingness to engage the customer, and by being really honest!

As my husband and I were leaving, Tim waved us good bye and declared enthusiastically: “We have a 100% guarantee policy! If you don’t like your paint, or it’s the wrong colour, bring it back and we will replace it!!”

This week’s song is none other than True Colours by Cyndy Lauper as covered by Phil Collins. Tim’s true colours absolutely shone through his tall frame and delightful conversation. No one could possibly be sad around Tim!

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