Monday Musings...It's Time to Tidy Up!

News Flash: The Apocalypse of Your Abode Is at Hand! It seems that everywhere in North America, households are on the brink of disaster. People are desperate to find a cure to restore their lives to a sense of peace they believe they once knew.

A few years ago, Jo Frost, rose to prominence as the Super Nanny whose mission is to rescue parents and train them to manage their disobedient children. The latest craze involves the expertise of Marie Kondo, who specializes in showing individuals or couples how to bring order to disorganized piles of excess material possessions. Though they don’t wear capes or have extraordinary powers or specialized university degrees, they are our modern-day super heroes who restore balance, or so it seems.

Their motives may be pure, but I think we are missing the underlying problem of the chaos they are called on to fix. We can put children on “time out” chairs or give them token rewards. We can fold our belongings with precision so we can accurately view what we deem brings us joy. But how long will it take before parents get caught up in the moment and lose their patience? Or when life gets too busy, you just shove your tea towels in the drawer along with the gas bill you paid, birthday cake candles you used last month, and the pens you previously had littering your car. Let’s admit it, we have good intentions, but poor follow through.

And that’s the problem, there is no permanent change in our behaviour. The root of the matter is we need to tidy up our mind, before we can ever tidy up our house or discipline our children. We spend so much time keeping up with the latest trends and running to try out the next quick fix solution for our problem, that we never seriously consider why we so often make progress, only to see it fail.

In order to break this cycle of rebounding back to old ways of living, we have to bring control not just to the circumstances around us, but to our new way of thinking and behaving. So here are my tips for tidying up your mind so you can be committed to the change:

  1. Establish the purpose for the change – explain to yourself why the change is necessary

  2. Picture what the change will look like and the benefits it will bring

  3. Plan – lay out a detailed, step by step plan, in writing, so you can work the problem and refer back to it.

  4. Participate – with intentional action, deliver your plan

  5. Appraisal – assess the success of your actions and how this aligns with your purpose

  6. Passion - now that you have realized that your new habits are more beneficial than the old, instead of ‘resting’, be energized and committed to continued excellence

Keeping order in your home and family is an ongoing endeavour. There are no quick and easy solutions. But if we tidy up our mind first, we will be able to reduce the number of domestic disasters.

For this week, I chose “Good News” by Ocean Park Standoff. Everyone is looking for good news, “for something to get me out of my seat”. Well, instead of searching ‘out there’, try building some good mental habits that will last.

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