Monday Musings…The Mahon Couch Conundrum

Truth be told, in the first 15 years of our marriage, my husband and I never purchased a couch. It’s not that we only had wooden chairs to sit on, or that we were forced to take a seat cross-legged on the floor, though we have done that plenty of times. No, we were the glad recipients of friends’ and family’s discarded furniture! We had a brown floral love seat once that turned into a bed with the hardest mattress you ever wanted to experience. Maybe that’s why no one ever slept over for a more than a night or two. We had a red velour sectional that the kids learned to climb on and subsequently fall off. We had another regal floral chesterfield with wooden arm rests that caused a concussion or two. These were good times! And hey, the couches cost us nothing but back pain, leg strain, and a few hospital visits.

Most of my kids have also been the recipients of a collectible couch, though not from us. No, we’ve hung on to our current vintage 18-year-old beige couches. I am being a little bit selfish by not sharing these super-soft sofas, but for good reason – I can finally reach the ground on the three-seater since the springs went out from one of the seats. The dent created by the Fall also fits my posterior perfectly. So sorry kids, I’m claiming this one for a couple more years.

Now, whenever we learned that we were going to inherit a new couch, we dutifully put the well-used one at the curb for roadside pick-up, which could result in one of two things: one, other people like us looking for a ‘grab and go’ deal, or two, that the large item garbage pick-up was literally just around the corner. Either way, we knew the couch would find its way to a new home.

But, what do you do when you live in an apartment and you have a rather large item (read couch) that won’t fit down the garbage chute? You can’t put it at the curb. You can’t sneak out in the middle of the night and lean it up against the dumpsters. Pretty sure someone is going to catch you in the act and tell the superintendent who will then enforce the property rules you didn’t know about regarding large item disposal. It’s quite the dilemma! And that’s the challenge one of my son’s and I faced this weekend.

The couch in question, this beloved love seat we shall call Florence, was given to him by his older brother; actually, it was his brother’s wife’s grandparent’s couch. See, we Mahon’s show no partiality. This bachelor son appreciated seeing Florence every time he returned from school. But alas, she was starting to show her age and had been complaining for some time about her arthritis. On one fateful evening, after supporting an excitable PS4 match, her legs gave out, and the settee sank 4 inches closer to the ground. Now, I was tempted, believe me I was tempted, to inherit this couch. I pondered with delight at the thought of having several seats to choose from in my house where I could actually touch the ground… but alas, the old girl had other ailments that could not be fixed, and so it was time…it was time for her to face The End.

How were we going to get Florence to her final resting place? Neither chute, nor dumpster, nor curb could accommodate her. We didn’t have a half ton pick-up truck and, even if we did, we had no idea where the burial ground was. The other problem was the superintendent told us it needed to be gone ASAP. So, who ya gonna call? Junk Busters!

Googling our options, we chose a company and held out hope that on the first Saturday of the month they would be able to help us. I have to say Junk Works Golden Triangle saved the day for us. I am delighted to give them a product placement plug because they accommodated us at every level. From the initial call to the timely removal, they were fantastic! In our time of need, they came to the rescue.

And so, we said our final farewell to Florence, thanking her for her years of faithful service to multiple families. And as she was lifted with glove-encased hands and tossed ever so gently into the back of the junk hearse, we were grateful for these pall-bearers who would escort her to her grave - a job that was too difficult for us to do on our own.

We all have well-worn items in the recesses of our minds. Habits and hindrances that we hang on to, knowing we should get rid of them, but not willing to part with them. Maybe we’ve picked them up from friends and family, and they’ve worked for a while. They’ve met a need in the moment, got us up off the floor, and quickly became our ‘go-to place’ for stress relief. But we all know that some of our habits are not helpful at all; they don’t hold us up, they hold us back. We even put slip covers on them to justify that they are still of good use, until one day, the bottom falls out, the legs give out, and we have no choice. It’s time, people, to toss out that habit.

In our own strength and with our own resources, this is a hard thing to do. We are weak, and we must admit that. There is always Someone to turn to, but we second guess ourselves and then make a ton of excuses. “It’s the weekend. I’ll deal with it on Monday.” “I’m sure the person I need to help me out is busy or has bigger issues to deal with.” And we retreat and settle back into the couch, into the habit, all the while knowing it’s not healthy.

When you know you have to change, take that first step. Find the resource, reach out, and you may be pleasantly surprised at how easy that process was. It’s always more comfortable to stay with what you know, but when you’ve realized it is not working for you, you’ve got to act. Sometimes you will have no choice, as we did with the couch. So, who ya gonna call?

Listen to Jeremy Camp who found his Rescuer!

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