Monday Musings… ‘Tis the Week Before School Starts

‘Tis the week before school starts, when all through the house

You’re checking the desktop, the key board, and mouse.

Making sure that there’s internet, high speed of course.

To conquer the homework, you want no remorse.

You’re glad they’ve announced a return to the class.

But it’s not like Septembers you’ve had in the past.

There’s oodles of options to please every kind

From in class, in person, homeschool, and online.

One thing to consider, how students learn best

But given the climate, it’s anyone’s guess.

With covid still looming, no doubt there is fear

That school will be cancelled by the end of the year.

Now, your children have risen from their cozy warm beds,

Where visions of play groups danced in their heads.

They’re missing their friends Caleb, Stuart, and John

Haven’t seen them since March, it’s been that long.

They can’t wait to go and meet all their chums

With a distanced high five of their fingers and thumb.

They hope they’ll recognize them, given the mask

But to see any face, is a relief at last.

Will you send them to school, with high hopes and good cheer

With buckets of sanitizer to last the whole year?

They’re strong and they’re healthy, and that’s the main thing

To not spread disease ‘til we get the vaccine.

Oh they’re hungry for friends and for learnin’ too.

It’s hard to self-teach when they can’t tie their shoe.

For months they’ve been hearing “do this”, but “not that!”

More changes will come, we know that as fact.

So, you sit them down nicely and tell them the rules

You want them to follow to remain in the school.

If they sniffle or sneeze, or they cough in the room

They’ll leave right away ‘til told to resume.

They’ll go get a test to make sure that they’re clear

So they can return, without any fear.

And if they are fevered or hot in the head,

It’s best to stay home and rest in their bed.

But missing school days for what’s only a cold

Is hard on the parents whose work must be told.

A strain on the families this whole time has been

To hold down a job and care for children.

It might just be easier to home school instead

As lists of restrictions swirl round in your head.

But homeschool is tough, if you’ve not got the chops

To motivate, educate, you don’t want to flop.

Now whose going to offer to step up to the plate?

To make sure the curriculum is all up to date?

And do you know chemistry, functions, and law,

Geography, history, and that is not all?

Do you have art supplies, paper and paint

To teach all your children, now don’t go and faint?

At least they are home, away from the rest.

No sickness should enter your nice cozy nest.

This sure doesn’t look like the September we know

It’s filled with more fear, more stress, even though

You can choose to enrol your kids in a class

There’s no guarantee how long that will last.

So, choose how you will, and choose how you might

Take care of yourself amidst this long fight.

You’ll need to keep breathing and plugging along

One day at a time is how you’ll stay strong.

Do your own thing and ignore all the rest

Of what people say who think they know best.

This is your family, and your right to choose

What’s best for your clan, you’ve nothing to lose.

There is no right way and no guarantees

Except for the prayers that you say on your knees.

Hold fast to the truth that no matter the end,

You’ve done your best for all your children.

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